Adam prepares to cut a few branches that have been connected to the ball of a crane, which will safely lift them off the house's roof.
Adam prepares to cut a few branches after tying them onto slings attached to the crane. Here, a tree uprooted onto a house and the crane is being used to safely lift the branches off the house.  // Uprooted tree removal, June 3, 2020

Storm Removals

We know that storms and damage happen out of the blue, so we offer 24/7 emergency tree services. In the picture to the right, a tree was uprooted during a severe storm in June 2020 and fell onto the roof of a house. Luckily no one was injured, however, the tree damaged the house's roof and siding. We know storms like this are unpredictable, along with the ensuing damage, so we offer emergency services ranging from removals from trees on houses, to branches down in a yard. We keep our schedule as flexible as possible to best accomodate situations where storms create a surge in emergency jobs, and strive to respond to those jobs in a timely manner.

A pine branch, which snapped onto a parked car during a severe storm
Here, a branch split out from a pine tree and landed on a parked car. Fortunately no one was in the car, however the car was very damaged.   // Emergency branch removal/cleanup, June 3, 2020

Storm & Branch Removals

Sometimes high winds, heavy rain, wet snow, or even hail can cause tree branches to fall. Sometimes these branches get caught up in the tree, which are a dangerous risk as they could fall to the ground easily. We highly recommend removing all branches that you notice that are hung up in a tree.

Branches that split out and fall to the ground can cause major damage and injury. Seen in the picture on the right, a branch from a pine tree fell onto a car during high winds. This was an emergency job, where we came quickly to clean up the down branch and brush so the client could deal with the damaged car. In the future, the pine tree where the branch split out from will be discussed for possible pruning or removal to minimize chance of damage in the future.

An ash tree fell over during high winds
A Linden tree fell during a storm with high winds. The base of this Linden tree is an example of girdling roots, an unhealthy root growth pattern that leaves   // Emergency removal, June 2020

Risk Assessment

Assessing the trees on your property sometimes requires a professional opinion, but some issues can be diagnosed easily. For example, in the picture on the right, an Linden tree afflicted by girdling roots fell during a storm. As we learned during the stump grinding, the tree was planted improperly with the metal cage still around the root ball.

Girdling roots are when roots encircle the trunk of the tree and cut off vital nutrients contained in the sap from the leaves. This weakens the tree, however identifying girdling roots can be a crucial preventative step in saving the tree and minimizing damage.

If you fear the trees on your property suffer from girdling roots or any other number of issues that can weaken the structural integrity of a tree, please call today to schedule a free estimate and consultation.